In today’s episode, we invited Josh Pribyl, the founder of JP Ecommerce and Bare Home. Josh is an incredible example of just starting, even from scratch, and it still can help you build an empire, if you just remain persistent and consistent. We have an interesting discussion throughout this episode as we exchange business pointers, life lessons, feasible tactics and more.


Key Takeaways

  • It’s not unheard of to have a great year and to be able to carry that.
  • The key is to have the vision and just try to stay ahead.
  • You’ve got to separate personal interest and what you actually enjoy doing and figure out what you should be doing to drive growth.

Listen in now!


Show Highlights

  • [02:30] How Josh came to be in the position he’s in now.
  • [03:39] From extra long sheets to an empire.
  • [05:26] How the business came to be.
    “I always had the vision that one day, I saw myself just running a large company.”
  • [06:22] The first single sale that confirms Josh’s idea can work.
  • [07:02] What the first hire was for Josh.
  • [07:55] Looking back on the business’ steady growth over the years.
  • [08:41] The hockey stick moment.
  • [11:25] The next big “normal” step Josh took.
  • [11:47] The first Inc. 5000 application
  • [12:30] The key to continued massive growth
    “If you wait on these growth activities because you’re bogged down by everyday activities, other things are going to slide.”
  • [12:58] Alissa’s favorite book
    “Your vision has led the pack for how you’ve been able to create success.”
  • [13:52] Josh relating to Alissa’s favorite book
    “I make sure I get done the few things that are going to drive the biggest growth.”
  • [15:02] How Josh figured out his personal growth drivers.
  • [17:34] The potholes Josh could’ve avoided had he known what he knows now.
  • [19:37] Why ads are a tough thing but essential and tips on how to use them.
    “If it’s not converting at or above the industry average, your site isn’t up to par yet.”
  • [23:18] Keeping employees engaged amidst massive growth
  • [26:51] An advice to Josh’s former self.
    “Don’t be so conservative. Take a little more risks. Spend a little more to invest on growth.”
  • [26:41] Where to find Josh