From Frustrated to Frickin’ Awesome!

You’re already Frickin’ Awesome! This book will prove it.

You feel stuck. Irritated. FRUSTRATED. 

Because here’s the deal. You know you are primed for greatness. But you have no frickin’ clue how to get there.

I hear you. And I want to help.

I’m Alissa Daire Nelson, Strengths Strategy Certified Coach. Through my training, certification, and personal and practical experiences, I have come to know these things to be true:

  • Everyone is uniquely wired for their own success.
  • You are enough.
  • Success is unreachable only if you allow yourself to get in your way.

Get an Actionable Plan to Awesome

We all too often focus on fixing our weaknesses—on becoming a Jack (or Jill) of all Trades. But in this way, we’re never really great at anything. I say this—weakness-fixing is a waste of time; your Strengths are what will help you stop spinning your wheels and instead spiral up!

Four Steps to Embracing YOUR Awesomeness

In From Frustrated to Frickin’ Awesome, I provide you with a practical, Strengths-based, four-step process that will help you achieve the success you’re already wired for.

  • Step 1: Know thyself.
  • Step 2: Create a plan.
  • Step 3: Take action.
  • Step 4: Evaluate and repeat.

Stop Thinking “What’s Wrong With Me?!”

“God didn’t have time to make junk.”

Mary Kay Ash said this, and I wholeheartedly believe it. Stop allowing self-doubt to cripple your greatness. You can turn from “What’s wrong with me?!” to “I’m frickin’ awesome!” All you need is a little guidance and encouragement, as well as a clear path to help you get there.

I’ve created the path. And while I may not know you, I already believe in. And I will believe in you until you believe in yourself.

Praise for ‘From Frustrated to Frickin’ Awesome’

“This books is the perfect companion to StrengthsFinder 2.0®! It’s focus on strengths puts things into a new light. It’s also super easy to read, kept me interested, and helped me work through roadblocks that were holding me back from stepping into what I totally rock at!”  
-Heather C.

“From my personal experience with this author she is frickin’ awesome and she practices what she preaches. Love, love, love her. She really helped me go from frustration to getting better. Haven’t reached awesome just yet but I can now see it on the horizon.”
-Marsha H.

“I thought it was very informative, helpful and easy to read. It helps you think about what your own strengths are and how to use those to make yourself your own version of “Frickin’ Awesome!””
-Shantell D.

Get the Book Already!

You’ve read the rest of this page. Your interest is piqued. And I know why.

You’re ready to stop spinning your wheels. You’re ready to put an end, once and for all, to those nagging thoughts that “I’m not good enough.” You know that greatness that is within reach. You’re ready to embrace your awesomeness!

So get the book already!

I’ve created the path. And while I may not know you, I already believe in you. And I will believe in you until you believe in yourself.


Download the First Two Chapters for FREE!

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