The 24/7 Entrepreneur with Brian Bos

Entrepreneur and CEO of The Media Manager, Brian Bos joins the show to share his unique story and background. In this episode, Alissa and Brian discuss the importance of confronting fear, making calculated risks and developing strong relationships as an entrepreneur. Brian opens up about failures he has learned from throughout his career as well as the ever-evolving nature of his business model.
“In today’s day and age, the culture of the company is essentially the most important thing.” ([05:21]) (Brian) “The idea that entrepreneurship, in really probably any industry, is an 8-5 job is laughable. I mean it’s not even close.” ([12:12]) (Brian) “Our business is a little bit unique in the sense that what we do is really performance-based. So, making sure that we are honest, transparent and accountable is really how we develop positive relationships.” ([20:48]) (Brian) “If you’re an entrepreneur or want to be an entrepreneur it is definitely not going to happen overnight. That first year was an absolute grind from all aspects of the business.” ([32:18]) (Brian)
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