The Success

The Success

Get the Jumpstart You Need for Success with The Success Jumpstart by Daire Success Coaching

Have you set goals for yourself, only to be frustrated and less-than-happy with your results? Are you tired of feeling like you’re surviving your life and are ready to begin thriving in your success?

Setting goals for your business or career and relationships are only the beginning. You have to have goals that work for YOU in all your uniqueness.

I’m here to help you get unstuck and kick-start your momentum toward success in all areas of your life. Sometimes, we get stuck, all in our own head, second-guessing every step that we take. It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, by discovering what makes you tick, we can create a clear plan to help you gain the frickin’ awesome confidence you need to succeed.

The Art of Setting and Crushing Your Goals

You already know that goals are important for all areas of life. But the way you set those goals and the way you work to achieve them is most important. You’re a unique individual, one who learns differently, speaks differently and creates differently than those around you. To reach your goals without losing your mind, you have to set goals that are tailored to fit YOU.

What are your strengths? You might be able to list a couple things that others have told you or a few things you slap on your resume when you need to. But, there are also more specific strengths you can call on. Strengths deep inside you that you were born to use. Strengths that are so innate that you can’t possibly ignore them.

These strengths, tied together with goals that match, create the perfect recipe for success.

Set Yourself Down the Path to Success
With The Success Jumpstart

What are you waiting for? It’s time to crush YOUR goals. The Success Jumpstart is a complete success-strengthening package that teaches you how to harness your unique strengths. It’s an inside look at what makes you, you and how to leverage your power to kick-start your success.

In this package, we will take your All 34 Strengths results (the CliftonStrengths assessment) and create personalized Ultimate Strengths Resource Guide for you Top 10 Strength Themes. With your resource guide, you will receive a 30-minute completely personalized video that I record just for you. This video will take you through your strengths and explain what makes you special.

After that, we’ll meet for a 2-hour session to analyze your Strengths and identify actions you can take immediately to maximize your impact and success. We will decode your natural reactions to triggers and how you can best handle them. You will walk away with clear goals and a plan to reach them.

Over the next two weeks after your session, you will start to use what you’ve learned. We will stay connected over email as you come up against obstacles, navigating them together. We will also meet two more times for 50-minute coaching sessions where we look at your progress!

As a recap, you’ll get:

  • A personalized Ultimate Strengths Resource Guide for your Top 10 Strengths ($194 value)
  • 30-minute personalized video recording ($147 value)
  • 2-hour strategy session ($ 594 value)
  • Two 50-minute coaching sessions along the way ($594 value)
  • That a total value of $1532!

The Clifton Strengths (StrengthsFinder) assessment is only one of the many tools I will use to make this an insightful and incredibly useful process for you. There is so much more to discover with The Success Jumpstart!

See What Other Awesome People Are Saying

“I met with Alissa for Strengths coaching at the beginning of 2018 to kick my year off on the right foot. I found the sessions inspiring and informing and Alissa helped me see certain aspects of the way I work in a different light. I came away from the sessions with a more clear picture of how to lean into my strengths and focus my actions within my business on those strengths. If I can keep in mind what I learned from our coaching I think my business will definitely see the results by the end of this year. I would definitely recommend Alissa’s coaching to any business owner who wants to grow and be more inspired in their work.”

~ Lindsay McMahon, All Ears English ~

It’s Time to Jump On This

It’s time to stop dealing with the disappointment of missing goals that just aren’t meant for you. Right now, you can have all of this for only $797.00. 

The path you choose for yourself should be the one that lights you up and allows you to shine. We can only truly achieve the goals that we believe in, the ones that we are passionate about. This is where YOU come in.

Get started today down the path to your success

There is no time like the present right? Especially when we’re talking about success. Get started down the right path, with the right goals today with The Success Jumpstart. I am so ready to see where this takes you in all aspects of your life!