Create an Inclusive Workplace With Services Tailored to Your Needs

Every organization and its culture are unique. We’ll customize our services centered on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging to meet your specific needs, focusing on the well-being of your entire organization.

Our Research-Backed Tools

Our team is certified in two powerful tools to deliver the most accurate insights about your organization. This supports you in creating, maintaining and growing a culture that prioritizes the care of your people while maximizing the impact and profitability of your business.


With this comprehensive strengths finder assessment, you’ll learn how to understand your strengths, as well as learn how to help each team member optimize their own strengths and support the strengths of others.

PERMAH® Well-being Survey

This tool provides a meaningful measure of the well-being of your teams, while protecting their anonymity, and translates the results into actionable insights. You’ll receive a simple plan that makes caring for well-being easier and more effective.

Our Strategies & Process

For your organization to be at its best, including its productivity, impact, and profitability, you need to know your lead indicators, not just the lag ones.

To give you this inside look into the well-being of your workplace, you’ll begin your journey with the PERMAH® survey followed by a guided debrief of the results.

We’ll use these results to build on the existing strengths of your business and your team and to define and create a pathway to success.

Our post-survey services include a combination of the following components, depending on your unique needs.

Training - Individual & Team

Our training options include the following areas:

  • Maximize Your StrengthsSM Training: learn how to maximize your individual and team strengths
  • DEIB Training: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) education for your team
  • Communication Training: learn skills and methods for navigating challenging conversations and effective ways to improve clarity, growth and connection
  • The Frickin’ Awesome EntrepreneurTM Workshop: uncover and identify the four (4) things that make you Frickin’ Awesome!

Supportive Facilitation

Our supportive facilitation using the Appreciative Inquiry Approach provides you and your teams with:

  • Well-being Initiatives: to promote healthy behavior in the workplace 
  • Team Values Sessions: assessing, revamping, or creating organizational and team values
  • Strategic Innovation Planning: conducted on a teamwide level, or for the entire organization


Our trained, specialized coaches can deliver a wide range of coaching services to empower your entire organization:

  • Executive Coaching: for succession preparation or for existing Executives
  • Leadership Coaching: for Rising Stars or existing Leaders
  • Resilience and Development Coaching: for individual contributors or team members seeking coaching surrounding their well-being
  • Team Momentum® Coaching: for teams of all sizes
  • Frickin’ Awesome EntrepreneurTM : successfully create your best work/life harmony. You can have it all!


Our consulting services give you the knowledge and expertise you need to gain traction with:

  • Well-being Consulting: create and implement well-being policies
  • DEIB Consulting: create or redesign DEIB initiatives
  • Customized Consulting: designed to help you improve organizational processes and procedures

Speaking Engagements

Whether you’re organizing a conference or hosting an on-site training, Alissa Daire is here to help inspire your audience. She provides organizations with speaking engagements that give people the ideas they need to courageously live into their strengths and foster more equitable communities.

Who We Serve

Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

We understand you want to do right by your team while growing your business. Our experienced coaches, trainers, and facilitators will give you in-depth insights and practical strategies that prioritize your people’s well-being as you grow.

With our expert guidance and facilitation, we’ll equip your emerging leaders to not just manage but to truly lead. Plus, you’ll get the tools and strategies you need to sustainability build and integrate an intentional culture for the long term.

Solo Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re struggling with imposter syndrome or stumped as to how to drive your business forward, our coaches can help. You’ll learn how to take care of your whole self and build upon your unique strengths so you can achieve your goals and build meaningful relationships without experiencing burnout.

Executives & Large Organizations

Learn how to nurture your entire organization by prioritizing the well-being of your employees. Through ongoing assessments and data-informed strategies, we’ll help you create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels more connected, cared for, and encouraged.

Learn How to Put Your People First

Learn how the coaches at Daire 2 Succeed use research-backed tools to help entrepreneurs and organizations create more inclusive, DEIB-focused workplaces where well-being is a priority.

Let’s talk through your current challenges and solidify a plan to help you support your entire organization. Start the conversation today with our supportive team.

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