See what others are saying.

Alissa walked me through the results of my StrengthsFinder profile and it helped me realized that I’m trying too hard with some aspects and I should be trying to maximize my natural talents that I ranked high in. It gave me insight into what I’m good at – really good at. This is a tiny tip of what Alissa can help you and your business with!
Marianne B.

Cocobello Interiors

I love working with Alissa! Learning about my strengths focused me as a leader way more than I thought it would. I found it very helpful to know what my top five strengths are and the overuse patterns that accompany them. She is very focused and magically knew just how to coach me!
Bret T.

Falcon Shoring Co.

The first time I met Alissa I sensed her enthusiasm, compassion and zest for life and also her fantastic smile, I knew somehow she would impact my life! We had a zoom mtg (thanks to COVID) and an hour with her felt like 10 minutes! How could I not sign up for a month for her Kick Start program. She was a piece to my life’s puzzle that I needed at just that time! I have a huge vision for my future in helping others. How was I to accomplish adding the work creating my vision into my already busy life AND keep my sanity?! Alissa taught me about my strengths, how to use them to my advantage and what to allow others to do for me. She taught me about time management and blocking my calendar. She encouraged me to “Start Now” with my vision even though I didn’t feel I was fully ready. With Alissa’s support cheering me on, she gave me the courage to start my vision and has helped me to keep balance in my life! Two months since completing my coaching with Alissa, I have a group of amazing people helping to bring my vision to life and we’re in the process of filing to be a non-profit!
Amy W.

Amy's Cherished Events

Everyone needs “an Alissa” in their corner! She has definitely been an angel on my journey to bring hope to people and families suffering from mental illness. Thanks to Alissa, Hope’s Healing started at just the right time with just the right people. I cannot stress enough the impact Alissa had on my life! Thank you Alissa.
Anna B.

Annalunda Teknik & Design

Alissa is a thought-provoking catalyst who can help you synthesize individual strengths into collaborative, high-performance teams.
If your team wants to build upon leader effectiveness, empathy, clear communication, and alignment, Daire Success Coaching offers unparalleled facilitation skills.
David M.

CFO of a Minnesota Community College

Prior to working with Alissa, the overall tone from the team seemed to be “why are we doing this?”

Afterwards, the tone/conversation shifted to “This was awesome”, “I learned so much about myself and my co-workers”, “When do we GET TO DO THIS AGAIN?”.

We’re all getting to know ourselves better, developing an appreciate our own strengths and the strengths of others and understanding that we can enter conversations about differing viewpoints from a place of curiosity and “help me see what you’re seeing.”

I loved every minute of it! THANK YOU!

Cara M.

The Canopy Group

Meeting with Alissa for a Strengths Discovery Session was just the push I needed to put a plan into action! After feeling so stuck for so long, not to mention way too “in my head” with the changes I wanted to make in my career, Alissa helped me crystallize and clarify my next steps in a matter of minutes. Alissa has a unique way of engaging with warmth and encouragement, while simultaneously keeping the conversation moving toward the goal. I was amazed at how quickly I felt the connection with her and like she “gets” me. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the actual session, but the way she handles the pre-session and follow-up communication is very impressive. She is a true professional, her dedication to this work is evident, and I’m lucky to have been the beneficiary. Do yourself a favor and book a session! Your future self will thank you!
Christie P.

Christie Pearl Mindset & Confidence Coaching

My work with Alissa has been transformative. In a relatively short period of time, she was able to get to the heart of how I think, perceive, and act. She has made my interests and my success her paramount concern. She helped me to clearly identify my own value system and use it as a foundation to build upon. Because of my work with Alissa, I now have a meaningful personal and professional vision as well as the milestones that will help pave the way.
Darin P.

True Vision Financial Advisors

I’ve been struggling with how to build my business. Once I heard Alissa speak I knew my search for the resource needed had ended. I signed up for her Business Breakthrough Intensive program and am confident that her enthusiasm, experience, and solid grip on all things strengths-related will help me breakthrough to a higher level of service to my clients and success for my business. Alissa’s passion for her work is contagious. She has a true desire to help others become the best they can be. As my business grew, I started running into time management issues. Alissa asked all the right questions and helped me find the solution that was the best for me. Now my days are more productive thanks to her innovative approach. I’m also benefiting from her ‘Truth or Daire’ publication, and can’t wait for her new podcast. Highly recommend!

Merrilee H.

Rescue Me Bookkeeping

Thank you for a wonderfully powerful coaching session! You were amazing and I’m so happy that I did this. Your energy and enthusiasm is so authentic and it honestly felt like I was talking to a long time friend (most probably our spirits have met in a past life!). I look forward to staying in touch and updating you on my progress in the new year.
Mike T.

Mike Thurlow Coaching

I had the most fantastic time being a guest on Alissa’s podcast. I’ve been on many shows, but I’ve never had the attention and care Alissa showed- not to mention the vibrant energy and authenticity. The strength finder’s test, and the personalized video Alissa created for me were incredibly powerful to help me understand how I’ve been misapplying my strengths so I can now redirect them in the most positive way. Alissa, thank you for being the frickin’ awesome person that you are.
Jacqui L.

Healing Life Story

I want to share with you one of my takeaways of a very insightful learning moment during our team building training session. It was your example/analogy of how unfair (and unhealthy) it is to ‘put’ a person inside of a box we create for them. They will never measure up to how we judge them, because maybe we want them to fail? Even when they are behaving as we expect/want/demand of them, we’re now upset with them because they aren’t acting like we ‘boxed’ them. The ‘boxer-inner’s’ perception of the ‘boxee’ can become others’ reality, too, especially when/if their perception is shared with others. This type of behavior, is destructive and does nothing to help build up each other, nor ourselves. Too heavy and harsh?? Most important, Alissa, is that I want to thank you for providing a safe and caring atmosphere where your expertise shines through. Your time, effort and skills are much appreciated, as you help us understand ourselves and each other.

Julie M.

The Canopy Group

I met with Alissa for Strengths coaching to kick my year off on the right foot. I found the sessions inspiring and informing and Alissa helped me see certain aspects of the way I work in a different light. I came away from the sessions with a more clear picture of how to lean into my strengths and focus my actions within my business on those strengths. If I can keep in mind what I learned from our coaching I think my business will definitely see the results by the end of this year. I would definitely recommend Alissa’s coaching to any business owner who wants to grow and be more inspired in their work.
Lindsay M.

All Ears English

I approached Alissa to help me at a time when I knew I wanted to leave my 9-5 and venture out on my own, but I didn’t have the confidence yet to take the leap. I never had the language for understanding my natural gifts and strengths, and I never knew that these were actually my superpowers! After working with Alissa, not only did I have the words and language for how to talk about my strengths, but I had a newfound confidence in how to actually recognize and use my strengths. I now see myself in a completely different way, which has resulted in me now owning my own business and feeling more confident than ever! I had never worked with a coach before, and I am forever grateful that I found Alissa!
Christie P.

Christie Pearl Mindset & Confidence Coaching

Alissa’s knowledge of strengths and the way they both empower us and disempower us is mind-blowing. She helped me gain clarity in far less time with less frustration than if I’d tried to interpret my report alone. Not only is she knowledgeable on how the strengths effect others she’s aware of how they effect her personally. It’s so great to talk with someone who’s had an experience of their own with what they’re teaching. the way the coaching session with Alissa will help me move forward is simple. I will be aware of how my strengths are effecting my life. Because of the strengths finder test and Alissa’s coaching I’ve already been able to apply the new skill to my relationships, my business and my level of stress. Just today I realized that I was triggered and that it was the opposite of my positivity strength, which helped me recognize it and let it pass through me vs controlling me. I’m extremely grateful for the session and for Alissa’s coaching.

Jeremy R.

Brotha James Music

I had the opportunity to have a 50 Minute coaching session with Alissa. The session was incredibly worthwhile and productive. Alissa really listened to what I had to say and was able to point out areas which I needed to work on. Some of the areas I knew I needed to focus on however, others were from her insight. With her insights I was able to move faster toward my goals. If you have the opportunity to sit down with Alissa, I highly recommend you do.
Tara W.

Tara Wilken, LLC

I could feel her excitement and energy within a few moments of meeting her. 🙂 I was beyond excited after meeting Alissa to learn more and I scheduled an appointment with her as soon as possible. I completed the Strength Discovery Session and I was so thrilled with what was uncovered in our discussion. With the help from Alissa, I believe 100% that you can take the steps to accomplish any goal. I am so excited to read her book and continue to build on what we discovered together.
Katie R.

The Danna Agency

Alissa is doing a podcast like no other. While coming from a coaching approach, it is like a virtual therapy session where you get to eavesdrop and see how things fit for you without being on the hot seat.
Rennie G.

Rennie Gabriel

We love Alissa’s approach to her podcast and her coaching! It’s similar to the way we approach our work in relationships – focus on the strengths! Her intimate and deep knowledge of the StrengthsFinder as well as her own personal experience and wisdom regarding each strength – their characteristics as well as their potential blind spots – have helped us as individuals but also as a couple and as a business team. Alissa’s professionalism, follow-up, and her perky, adorable spirit and personality knocked our socks off!
Sam C.

The Not-So-Perfect Couple Podcast

I was blown away by how well Alissa was able to help me learn and understand my strengths in such a meaningful way! I did not realize how impactful this information could be, both personally and professionally. Alissa helped me to see how I can leverage my strengths and how to strategically apply them to my business. Going through this process has been enlightening and has helped me to become more focused in ways that have helped me personalize my interactions my audience. I am so grateful for the support Alissa has given me!

Trish J.

Illuminated Life Coaching

I had the chance to work with Alissa. She asked me questions I’d never considered and presented strategies that have already helped me in business, and also in my family life. I have real strategies, right now, that I am using to accomplish my goals. I appreciate Alissa’s drive and passion to help me achieve my personal and business goals; her authentic desire to help me succeed is clear. She has a heart to serve and I will be recommending her coaching services to all of my business partners that want to grow their businesses!
Nicky H.

B & H Accounting & Tax, LLC

It was a powerful session. I feel like it’s making me look deep inside myself at things that are uncomfortable for some reason. Shame was popping it’s head up, and I have felt a heaviness. Honestly to me these are great signs! They mean things are shifting under the surface like plates in an earthquake.

I’m still processing it, and I feel that clarity from these shifting plates will be revealed as I move forward with a “just do the frickin thing” kind of an attitude. You are right about needing a “North Star”! You do a powerful thing… it is more than ideas and inspiration. You go “into” people. To push them towards themselves. I feel it strong And I’m so grateful. Let’s see what life brings next! So happy to know you

Nirinjan K.

Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa - Yogi, Musician

She is a success coach and was great in helping our new educators focus on their strengths. She is also available as a resource for them should they want to delve deeper. We received positive feedback from new educators stating this was exactly what they needed.

Lori F.

White Bear Lake School District

Making the choice to work with Alissa as a business coach has been one of the best choices I’ve made for my business, myself, and my family. She was able to hone in on some of my blind spots right away within the first two sessions and suggested great resources and homework that really got me seeing more clearly. One of Alissa’s great talents is asking really relevant questions and then really listening to all that I say in my long-winded answers and then putting it all together in a concise and meaningful summary to present back to me. This has been extremely helpful as she can pick up on things that I don’t necessarily see in myself. Throughout this whole process I’ve really done a ton of research, work, and exploration that was spurred by Alissa’s coaching and keen insight that has really provided some breakthroughs and practical changes in my business operations that equal less stress and more stability over-all.
Anjee E.

Anjee Mai Creations

Alissa is doing what she was created for, everything that she embodies is perfect for helping others with their businesses. Since working with Alissa, I have shifted the way that I think about myself and my business. I have been able to move forward through the things that were holding me back. I couldn’t be more grateful for what she has given me through her coaching. Thank you Alissa!
Karis H.

Beloved Laser Tattoo Removal

Alissa rocks! She is highly organized, enthusiastic, and a joy to be around. She lights up the room and brings the people around her to a better place. I would highly recommend Alissa to people I know!
Brian D.

Mutual of Omaha

Alissa is an energetic and enthusiastic person, who anyone would be lucky to work with! I had the chance to meet her briefly at a networking function, and she impressed me in a short time with how perceptive she was about people. That skill alone makes a great coach, along with her ability to really listen and ask insightful questions.
Kelsea D.

The Journal

Alissa is a kind, caring and POWERFUL woman and coach. If you want to take your business and life to the next level, send her a message ASAP!
Tim T.

Rapid NLP

After my strategy session with Alissa, I felt a new energy for my business and direction I needed to focus my attention that I hadn’t been able to come to with out our conversation. Thanks Alissa for the gracious time and opportunity to meet with me. I would encourage anyone that is struggling to take Alissa up on her strategy sessions!
Jeannine P.

Jeannine Marie Photography

My husband and I were at our wits’ end wondering where we were and what to do with our company. Alissa was right there for us, walking us through every step of the way. So encouraging and very insightful!
Suzi S.

GREAT Stone Designs, LLC

Are you looking to grow you business? Is your business out of control and you are looking to get it under control? Do you need a shot of confidence in your business? You need Alissa and her expertise/systems and energy! Give Alissa a call and take your business to the next level!
Christopher F.

Keller Williams Integrity

Alissa is a consummate professional. With her passion and dedication for what she does, is what makes her a one of a kind. Alissa puts her clients needs first, which is why I do business with her and recommend her to anyone!
Joe T.

Joseph R. Thatcher Agency

Alissa gave me just the right nudge to go further with my business. Being a newly, self employed business owner, I needed some fresh ideas on how to get more exposure. What impressed me most about Alissa, and our strategy session, was her way of articulating my thoughts into ideas and putting them into a plan of action. I left our strategy session feeling motivated and I had more control with the new year to come, with growing my business. Alissa truly has a gift applying your strengths to being the front seat driver in your profession.
Sara K.

Independent Hairstylist

I can clearly link my success to Alissa’s coaching. As I prepare to launch my own business, there has been a seemingly endless stream of hurdles and challenges that I was not able to get passed. Each and every time I engage in coaching with Alissa I’m able to walk away with solutions to these challenges. She asks great questions that allow me to really think. She empowers me to dig deep and find those “aha’s”. Frequently I feel out of ideas prior to talking with her, but by the end of our sessions I have a clear and practical plan to move forward. The investment I’ve made in Alissa’s coaching has paid huge dividends in both my business and my personal growth.
Adam W.

Unsubscribe to the Cubicle

I would like to share my experience with participating in Alissa’s coaching program. I have taken many personality tests and had coaches try to coach me on that basis. This is the first time it has actually clicked and made sense. Alissa is a caring coach and helps me not only understand my own strengths but also how my strengths can help me in my business and personal life. This coaching process has helped me 100% stream line my business, become more focused, become a better leader and communicator. Understanding my strengths and how they affect me, and others around me, has helped tremendously. I would highly recommend Alissa’s coaching programs because she has proven to me that it works. It’s hard work, but it works!
Beth R.

Digital Marketing Success Director

Take That Next Step.

Don’t waste another day questioning whether you are on the right path. Take action to identify your goals and achieve the success you so dearly deserve, your way. You’re wired for success. You are frickin’ awesome. It’s time you live it out in your business and your life.