Setting Non-Negotiables as a Guide to a Fast-Growing Business with Kristi Piehl

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Making the List Podcast
Setting Non-Negotiables as a Guide to a Fast-Growing Business with Kristi Piehl

This fifth episode is a landmine of tips, practical methodologies, and lots of stuff that you can easily apply to your business and become just as successful as our guest today. Kristi is very much an epitome of success. Her titles and acknowledgements-Emmy Award-winning news reporter, 2019 Women in Business to name a few, in both business and personal life, and all her other achievements, all speak as to what kind of person she is, what she’s become, and the discipline she’s exercised to enjoy a flourishing business. Join us as we exchange views and important lessons and together be inspired to do great for ourselves and those who are under our employ, and to find the wisdom amidst challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Life happens for you, not to you.
  • You are the average of the five people you surround yourself with; surrounding yourself with a really good tribe is so vital.
  • Your dreams weren’t put inside you to torture you, they were put inside you to drive you and to help you back up when you fall on your knees, not if you fall and scrape your knees, but when you do.
  • Do the dream, don’t just have a dream; don’t just tell people about your dream, but do your dream and then see what happens.
  • Kristi’s driving force for culture was to build a place where families could come first.


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