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Grow or Die with Daniel Moshe

Daniel Moshe, entrepreneur, business owner and CPA firm technology guru, joins the show to share the story of how he overcame management roadblocks and worked himself out of a job by applying EOS. In this episode, Alissa and Daniel break down and analyze the importance of communication, innovation and setting core values to sustain growth within an organization.

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“As the adage goes, ‘When the leader turns his/her head and looks in a different direction, so does everybody else.’” ([06:37]) (Daniel)

“Learner is number one for me. And I love learning by doing and learning by teaching.” ([11:02]) (Daniel)

“It’s not just ya know you finish school and you go work for a company. You can start your own company. And I definitely try to teach that to my boys. But I think that would be so cool to have an Entrepreneurial Day at school.” ([15:19]) (Daniel)

“We [Tech Guru] have four core values: Caring, Accountable, Responsive and Empathetic.” ([21:28]) (Daniel)

“Part of living your ideal life is surrounding yourself with people who you really want to be spending your time with. And that, by definition, is that they share your values.” ([30:21]) (Daniel)

“If there’s anything I wish I could have learned and applied much sooner, it would be the way that we work with our people.” ([36:15]) (Daniel)

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