Elevate Your Brand, Elevate Your Business with Kate DiLeo

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Elevate Your Brand, Elevate Your Business with Kate DiLeo

Episode Summary:

Kate DiLeo is an incredible branding expert and a tenacious actualizer who enables organizations of all sizes to realize their vision. Kate believes that business is a conversation and a relationship, not a transaction. Therefore, effective branding should create compelling common ground with your customers. In this episode, Alissa and Kate discuss the Kate’s entrepreneurial journey, from side hustle to full-time job. They expound on the importance of having the right competitive mindset, being intentional and the power of saying ‘No’ to anything that does not align with your goals.

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Alissa Daire Nelson         038: Elevate Your Brand, Elevate Your Business with Kate DiLeo             

Key Takeaways:

[00:57] – Alissa welcomes to the podcast Kate DiLeo, who shares her background as a brand strategist and her decision to pursue full-time entrepreneurship

[09:47] – Kate’s Strengths Finder profile and the importance of having the proper competitive mindset

[15:22] – What unique strengths have contributed to Kate’s success as a branding expert

[21:08] – Kate speaks to the ongoing challenges and obstacles she is facing as an entrepreneur

[28:26] – Advice Kate would give to other entrepreneurs and where listeners can follow and connect with Kate


“By that point I had been doing branding and marketing work actually as a side hustle, outside of all of my day jobs, for almost ten years at that point. And I fell in love with it and was starting to hit this tipping point where people were asking for more, and I was getting referrals, and I was getting leads. And I was sitting there and asked, ‘Why do I not make my side hustle my official hustle?’” ([05:42])

“Everything I teach starts with your message. If you don’t have it down and you’re out there trying to hustle and get clients, it’s probably going to feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall hoping that something sticks.” ([08:18])

“I’m going to get really strategic with myself. I’m going to get really competitive with myself. I’m going to leverage my strengths for me. When I started from that standpoint for that first year, it laid the foundation so I could leverage my strengths for my clients.” ([13:11])

“I know my strengths. I also know what it looks like when maybe I’m not showing up running on all cylinders. So, my commitment to you is to show up running on all cylinders, meaning we’re going to set the tone, we’re going to set the intention, we’re gonna probably do these sessions in the morning before Kate’s brain shuts down for the afternoon.” ([16:19])

“My job as an entrepreneur is to win work. I gotta keep the wheels on the bus. And the only way I’m gonna keep the wheels on the bus is by bringing in a revenue that matched what I was making in my salary and to work smarter, not harder.” ([20:16])

“The reality is we have about twenty to thirty seconds, in the initiation of a conversation, to say who we are, how we solve their problem and why we’re different from the competition. And, if we can’t clearly articulate that, we’re not gonna get them to the table so we can give them our sales pitch.” ([29:43])

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