115: Steward What You Have & You’ll Get More with Rick Sterger

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Maximize Your Strengths
115: Steward What You Have & You’ll Get More with Rick Sterger

Our guest today is Rick Sterger. Rick, in just 5 years, has gone from being a leading tech strategist for companies like Sprint, Samsung, Motorola and Dell to a rising star in the field of immigration law.   With nearly 300% annual growth each year, The Immigration Guy, Rick’s law firm, now represents over 100 clients in removal hearings and other immigration matters throughout the world.  His adopted cause, the Immigration Law Lab, provides Rick an outlet to be of service helping mothers and children fleeing severe domestic abuse and gang violence in Central America.

Rick is incredibly wise and has a great message for us on stewarding what we’re given, honoring and accepting where we currently are in our businesse and the hidden blessing of giving up our ego. Listen in and enjoy today’s episode.

Rick’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder Themes: 

1. Connectedness
2. Strategic
3. Activator
4. Communication
5. Includer

Connect with Rick: http://www.theimmigrationguy.com.

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