099: Can You Choose a Career With Your Strengths Leading? Sarah Baker Andrus Joins Us

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Maximize Your Strengths
099: Can You Choose a Career With Your Strengths Leading? Sarah Baker Andrus Joins Us

Our guest, Sarah Baker Andrus, has a proven system that helps her clients find a great career fit.  And, she loves sharing her strategies to help others achieve enduring career satisfaction.  Her solutions come from her work as a career counselor combined with more than 2o years’ working in and around the recruitment process.

Sarah is married to Brian, and they have two adult sons who’ve been enthusiastic guinea pigs for Sarah’s approach. So have her students at the University of Delaware where she is an adjunct professor in the business school.

Sarah’s Top 5 Strengths Profile

  1. Communication
  2. Achiever
  3. Woo
  4. Empathy
  5. Learner

Listen in now!

Alissa Daire Nelson         Can You Choose a Career With Your Strengths Leading? Sarah Baker Andrus Joins Us           Can You Choose a Career With Your Strengths Leading? Sarah Baker Andrus Joins Us            

Key Takeaway

  • Getting laid off can be a gift: Sarah shares how her life opened up after she was laid off. After the initial shock wore off and she came to emotional terms with being let go, she found time for other activities. She was able to care for her father, whose health was getting worse, and she was able to start her own business full-time after doing it very part-time for a number of years.

Time-Stamped Show Highlights

  • [4:30] – The results were very affirming. Seeing her top 5 strengths gave Sarah a feeling of comfort.
  • [6:11] – Sarah shares how she started in career counseling by helping adult students find careers before going into a corporate recruitment position. How does company culture play into jobs, employee flexibility and how does all of this relate to entrepreneurs?
  • [11:00] – Didn’t leap all at once into her business.
  • [11:15] – How do you find your superpower? Often, they come from bad things happening or some sort of adversity that results in a person turning their pain into something good.
  • [12:45] – Ask the question first. “How can I turn this into something good”. Sarah admits how this question has helped her, as well as having a strong support system around her.Sarah has combined her decades of experience in the job placement and recruitment field and combined it with her understanding of having to make a sudden career change later in life. She uses that experience to coach and prepare others who find they are suddenly adrift after a long career with a company without any clear direction.
  • [15:46] – Common misunderstandings for the Empathy strength, and what it really means.
  • [17:41] – How do you see people when you walk into a room? It depends on what your goal is, says Sarah. Regardless of your goal though, the more important part is developing quality relationships.
  • [20:54] – For those with the Empathy strength, protecting yourself and caring for another person is a delicate balance. Sarah suggests listening first before you share, determine if the other person wants your empathy before freely giving it out.
  • [23:09] – Sarah shares her tips for effective networking, even if you are terrified of the idea of networking events.
  • [26:37] – Want to get Sarah’s ebook for free? Text networkingebook to 44222

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