075: Easing Stress and Anxiety Through Mindfulness Using Your Strengths with Julianna Raye

Maximize Your Strengths
Maximize Your Strengths
075: Easing Stress and Anxiety Through Mindfulness Using Your Strengths with Julianna Raye

To manage stress, anxiety, and a “busy brain”, everyone says meditation helps. Meditation allows you to calm your brain and center. But how? Enter mindfulness and our guest today: Julianna Raye

About Julianna Raye

Julianna Raye, mindfulness expert

Julianna Raye is an expert in managing stress, anxiety and depression. She’s been training individuals and groups in mindfulness for over 17 years. Currently, Julianna is preparing to launch the official teacher training for Unified Mindfulness. She is also a founding member of the mindfulness app, Brightmind, which will be available in the spring of 2017.

In addition to her work for Unified Mindfulness and Brightmind, Julianna creates onsite and online mindfulness training for enterprise clients through the Flourishing Leadership Institute. She also privately coaches executives in sales and leadership, celebrities and entrepreneurs. She also group-trains company leaders interested in preventative healthcare and improving the work environment through mindfulness meditation. Julianna delivers specific mindfulness strategies most relevant to the individual or company’s needs.

With over 100 weeks of immersive silent retreat training in both mindfulness and zen, Julianna has racked up 12,000 plus hours of formal practice time, rewiring her brain and creating a new normal for herself. In a recent study at UCLA comparing long-term meditators’ brains with non-meditators, the results of Julianna’s MRI led to interviews on ABC, Globo and Reuters news outlets, about the benefits of Mindfulness practice. Unified Mindfulness, has been used in research at Harvard Medical Center (with breakthrough results) and other major research centers. In fact Julianna has just completed a mindfulness workplace research study with noted researcher David Creswell, through Carnegie Mellon. This study was a rare opportunity to design and implement a training program for a mid-size company (Fathom Digital Marketing) while having the results rigorously studied by Creswell’s lab. Very little research on mindfulness has been done in the workplace, so the amount of data collected for this study is unprecedented. Stay tuned for the results analysis which will be completed by March of 2017.

Julianna’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths

  1. Achiever
  2. Communication
  3. Adaptability
  4. Maximizer
  5. Input

Key Takeaways

  • You cannot give your gifts to the world without first taking care of yourself.
  • Mindfulness is a style of meditation. It is a way to strengthen your attention in specific ways.
  • Whatever your faith base is, mindfulness and meditation can help.
  • Mindfulness is something you can do for yourself on your own.
  • We talk about our Strengths giving life to ourselves. Where it gets expansive is when our Strengths can give life to others.
  • With mindfulness, everything you do you do with care and attention.
  • When you let yourself get absorbed in the experience of relaxation, it can deepen your fulfillment of it.

Listen in now!

Alissa Daire Nelson         Easing Stress and Anxiety Through Mindfulness Using Your Strengths with Julianna Raye           Easing Stress and Anxiety Through Mindfulness Using Your Strengths with Julianna Raye            

Time-Stamped Show Highlights

  • [5:04] – Strengths domain and where Julianna’s Strengths fit
  • [6:19] – Julianna’s journey into mindfulness and mindfulness training

I had a lot of pretty severe depression and anxiety. I was recommended meditation by my therapist. I found it helpful, but it wasn’t until two years after I started that I was introduced to a mindfulness methodology. … This is something I can do. If I do this repeatedly, I’m going to start to experience the state of wellbeing more often. If I experience this more often, it will become more of my home base than anxiety and depression has been. If I could change the way I felt walking around in the world, that would have huge implications for all of my life.

  • [12:10] – Julianna’s Strengths at work in her mindfulness journey
  • [13:42] – A note for Maximizers

Mindfulness will make you more efficient and more effective! It may take time to learn it, and it may take a little time to practice, but it will make you more effective in your other time. You are making the most of each moment!

  • [15:03] – Mindfulness as a means of self-expression (Communication)

The Strength of Communication includes more than words. It also comes out with how you express yourself.

  • [18:29] – Communication’s gifts
  • [19:26] – Input as a Strength theme and how it appears for Julianna

When I saw Input, my immediate thought was that my whole journey of becoming an expert in mindfulness I look at that wisdom as what I gathered. You can just mine deeper and deeper levels of experience; then you have that much more to share.

  • [21:39] – The overwhelm that entrepreneurs feel, and crushing that anxiety

I saw my life unfolding in front of me and I did not believe I had a resource to handle it. I thought I would just be chronically managing anxiety and depression. I highly suggest you give mindfulness a try. This does not diminish any other tools you have in front of you.

  • [24:56] – How to practice mindfulness meditation

Check in with your body. Intentionally relax any areas that are holding tension. Pay attention to any relaxation you detect. A good home base is the exhale. Notice where that relaxation is located. Notice what it feels like. Notice whether it spreads, and what level of intensity it is. This builds a skill called sensory clarity. Then bring acceptance to whatever you find. This is called the skill of equanimity. Allow the sensory experience to come and go, without any push and pull. Continually renew your attention on relaxation when you find it. When you renew your attention again and again, you are strengthening that skill of concentration power. We have three skills: concentration power, sensory clarity, and equanimity (acceptance).

  • [29:25] – Resources for mindfulness training

There is the CORE Training system. There’s also the Foundations program.

  • [32:02] – The science behind mindfulness

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