036: From Self Doubt to Self Love with Kari Romeo

Frickin' Awesome Entrepreneur
Frickin' Awesome Entrepreneur
036: From Self Doubt to Self Love with Kari Romeo

As Alissa has said time and again, we’re all perfectly lopsided puzzle pieces, a part of this larger puzzle, or threads in the larger tapestry. We have just relaunched this show and what better and more-fitting episode to start with than to invite Kari Romeo as our opening guest because she is everything that this show embodies. Kari is no stranger to limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubt. Before all the success, she’s dealt and struggled with insecurities—much like we all do. Today’s episode is truly inspirational and a real testament that what you believe, manifests. I hope that by the end of this episode, you find the power to reframe your thoughts and experience the beautiful transformation that Kari and myself had the opportunity to, and together, let’s claim our successes.

About Kari Romeo

Kari Romeo is a transformational life coach, she’s a motivational speaker, a personal transformation and mindset seminar facilitator. She’s also a retired Air Force officer—a decorated one, mind you—a life coach, and author of the new book, Becoming Beautiful: A Personal Journey Towards Happiness. She enjoys speaking with groups, organizations, and businesses about using the positive power of appreciative inquiry to achieve success.

Kari’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder Themes:

  1. Connectedness
  2. Positivity
  3. Empathy
  4. Individualization
  5. Maximizer

Listen in now!

Key Takeaways

  • So many people are trudging through life instead of bouncing joyously through life.
  • We’re meant to live fulfilling joyful lives. If we’re not, then it’s time to let go of whatever’s holding us back and be happy.
  • We each are our own color of thread in the tapestry of life.
  • It’s the little shifts of perspective which help us to live more fulfilling and joyful life.

Time-Stamped Show Highlights

  • [00:53] Getting to know our ‘relaunch’ guest.
  • [04:04] Important things we need to know about Kari.
    “I just didn’t think I was enough.”
  • [07:25] How everything around Kari became brighter and clearer.
    “When your inner light starts to shine, it shines the light on all of that.”
  • [09:21] Talking about courage
  • [11:03] How Kari digs and uncovers fears and limiting beliefs
  • [16:02] What are Kari’s superpowers?
    “My job is to be the light that helps somebody else to find their own light.”
  • [18:10] Kari’s top five gorgeous strengths
  • [20:02] Alissa shares her personal challenge.
    “Everybody has a place. Everybody fits in some fashion.”
  • [22:44] An experience better than any paycheck Kari’s received, ever.
  • [26:44] How Kari mirrors her shine back to herself and the challenges she’s had.
    “I do transform lives but it’s hard to go out there because it’s just how I am.”
  • [27:57] The deal: There’s no proven formula as per Alissa.
    “You craft the experience for that particular person. “
  • [29:48] The thread for all of Kari’s clients.
    “Part of the job as a coach is to call the BS flag.”
  • [33:03] Developing other avenues and outlining processes.
  • [35:10] Alissa’s challenge to Kari.
    “Let’s get you shared with the world so that more people can have a little slice of that magic. 
  • [37:58] What Kari wants every woman to know.
  • [40:28] Kari’s commitments.
  • [43:04] Where to find Kari and her book.
  • [45:14] Episode wrap up.

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