015: Build a Strong Personal Training Business and Keep Clients Excited and Engaged Towards Their Goals

Frickin' Awesome Entrepreneur
Frickin' Awesome Entrepreneur
015: Build a Strong Personal Training Business and Keep Clients Excited and Engaged Towards Their Goals

Today is one awesome episode. I am in awe of our guest’s transition to being so strong and so empowered. Shari was once a skinny, weak, and clumsy kid. She’d occasionally dabble in exercise but not really get involved, until this one accidental “meeting” with kettlebells. Join me as Shari graciously shares her joys, aches, and pains in this fascinating episode.

About Shari Wagner

Shari Wagner founded Iron Clad Fitness in 2009 with the mission to redefine fitness by empowering people of all shapes, sizes and physical abilities to find their inner and outer strengths. Iron Clad Fitness specializes in the Russian style of kettlebell training, through online or in-person coaching programs, because it is known for producing dramatic results through precise technique. We empower people to get strong and healthy, in a realistic, sustainable way.

Shari’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths

  1. Restorative
  2. Adaptability
  3. Responsibility
  4. Empathy
  5. Relator

Key Takeaways

  • Recognize what your strengths are so that you can give yourself grace for what you’re not.
  • Don’t judge people for the condition they’re in right off the bat.
  • If you’re not your best you, you can’t give your best. Period.

Time-Stamped Show Highlights

  • [04:55] The kettlebell love affair

I realized that, for the first time, I didn’t just look good but I felt good.

  • [08:50] The lightbulb moment for Shari that changed her life, forever.

This changed my life so much and I wanna help other people find the same.

  • [10:17] An insight to Shari’s strength themes, what drives her and how she’s wired.

Understanding your themes is not only obviously playing to your strengths but giving yourself grace.

  • [15:27] Shari’s challenge in her business: how to keep people wanting to come, and wanting to show up, to do their worksout, so that they can become all they desire.
  • [28:28] Podcast recommendation of the week!

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