Welcome! In this season’s first interview episode, we invited Derek Lundsten, CEO of Scrimmage, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of numerous businesses in various spaces, for a sit down on how he managed to build dynamic business and a stellar team, what he looks for in his investment opportunities, and the lessons he’s learned over the years and still continue to learn to this day. Listen in as both Derek and I exchange metaphors, talk bigger pictures, and how fun is essential in striking, not work-life balance, but work-life harmony.


Key Takeaways

  • Being energetic is a totally different experience for how you’ll approach the challenges.
  • I want to blend my work and my personal life in such a way that my relationships at work are part of my life.
  • If you think of your whole life as an orchestra, there are times when there’s a violin solo.
  • People are fearful of fast growth because you sometimes feel like you’re flying down the freeway without any log nuts on your tires and you’re just praying that there’s no curbs ahead.

Listen in now!


Show Highlights

  • [01:52] Guest’s background in brief
  • [04:14] Derek’s start
  • [07:21] Derek’s biggest lessons
  • [09:32] A move in culture
  • [10:55] Balance is a ludicrous concept
    “Change your perception on what that work and life integration, that harmony, that blending is supposed to be, and you can have a lot more fun.”
  • [13:09] Derek’s processes for semblance and structure
    “It’s less about the process, it’s more about the people.”
  • [15:38] How to pull people’s strengths and amplify them
  • [18:09] Data-backed functional conversations
    “You definitely want to magnify your strengths, but not at the expense of ignoring your weaknesses.”
  • [20:12] Alissa pulling something off Derek’s brilliance
  • [22:39] Understanding lead indicators
    “What gets measured, gets managed.”
  • [25:10] One more important view
    “You have to really understand the fundamental things and the small shifts and adjustments that you can make to unlock that piece of it.”
  • [27:14] A really painful failure
  • [29:29] What Alissa wants you to really hear from Derek’s story
    “It takes immense courage to be vulnerable.”
  • [32:24] Why you need to get a coach.
  • [33:12] Where is Scrimmage going and where to find them.