Intro to
Your Awesomeness

Discover the Real YOU with Intro to Your Awesomeness from Daire Success Coaching

Do you feel stuck, completely unclear and frustrated in your work? Do you look in the mirror and ask yourself if you actually have what it takes to succeed? You might think, what do I have that is so special and different from the next person?

If this is you, I’m here to tell you, you are wired for success. I’m Alissa Daire Nelson, Certified Strengths Business Coach, and I’ve made it my mission to help you discover the real you behind all the doubt. I’d love to reintroduce you to you, this time in all your glory.

The Trick to Being Your Best Self

It’s easy to feel lost in the shuffle of running your business or in your daily life. And sometimes, we lose who we are in the madness. If I told you that being your best self is a possibility, would you believe me? Because it is.

The trick to being your best self is understanding your strengths and every amazing thing that you bring to life’s table. What makes you unique? What weaknesses do you think you have that are actually your hidden strengths?

Superman himself couldn’t have used his own superpowers without knowing they exist, right? But, I bet you he knew what kryptonite was. Sometimes, we focus too much on what takes us down, instead of what builds us up. Your strengths are uniquely your own. It’s time to uncover your true frickin’ awesomeness.

Uncover Your True Strengths With Intro to Your Awesomeness

I want to help you discover what makes you, you. Intro to Your Awesomeness is a power-packed package that introduces you to your Strengths, one by one. It is the perfect first step in digging deep into what makes you unique and how to best use your Strengths to find success.


The package includes unpacking your CliftonStrengths Top 5 profile, an online assessment that helps you discover what you naturally do best and what you were born with that makes you incredible, turning into a personal owner’s manual! After you complete the assessment, I’ll create for you a personalized Ultimate Strengths Resource Guide that helps you navigate your strengths and explains each one in-depth.


Along with your Resource Guide, you’ll get a 20-30-minute personalized video that I recorded specially just for you! Yes, JUST for you. I’ll guide you on what makes you awesome and how you can apply it in real life. You can watch the video on your own time, anytime.


Want to solidify and build on your learning? Then upgrade to Unleash Your Strengths. With a 50-minute one-on-one coaching session, you’ll leave with clarity, insights, and an action plan. 

The Only Thing Standing in Your Way Is You

If you’re ready to understand yourself and your strengths in a way that generates success, it’s time to take the plunge. And if there is something holding you back, something deep down inside, well, it’s time we discover that too.

You can get all of the materials and the personalized video from yours truly for only $97.00. 

Get Started Now to Uncover Your Awesomeness!

There will never be a better time than now to gain clarity and get back on the road to success. Let me help. It’s about time you find out what makes you the frickin’ awesome person that I know you are.

See What Other Awesome People Are Saying

“Thanks Alissa for the direction and clarity! Funny how life works synchronistically when you are on the path. I received your care package over the weekend and wanted to send a quick THANK YOU!! I’m really excited to delve further into your insights on how to be freaking awesome in your book. That’s a hell of an achievement so I can’t wait to dive deeper. And I’ve already used the laminated copy of my strengths as a guide in revamping my resume. I appreciate all you have done!”

~Dana C.~

“I could feel her excitement and energy within a few moments of meeting her. I was beyond excited after meeting Alissa to learn more and I scheduled an appointment with her as soon as possible. I completed the Strength Discovery Session and I was so thrilled with what was uncovered in our discussion. With the help from Alissa, I believe 100% that you can take the steps to accomplish any goal. I am so excited to read her book and continue to build on what we discovered together.”

~Katie R.~