The Daire 2 Ignite Program

Turn Your Purpose and Passion Into Profit.

Do you believe wholeheartedly that you were placed on this planet to make a difference? 

Are you having trouble charging for services that you feel so passionate about? 

Are you having a hard time running the ‘back end’ of the business because there is just. not. enough. time. to do it all? 

Are you people-focused, purpose-driven and heart-led? If so, you’re right where you need to be.

I’m Alissa Daire Nelson and I was born to show you how to magnify your purpose and passion to create profit within your business. That’s why I have created the Daire 2 Ignite: Turn Your Purpose & Passion Into Profit course. 

To magnify your purpose, passion, and profit, you need a strong foundation. 

Inside this course, you will learn how to:  

  • Lay a foundation for your business based on your passion for people- you’ll create the processes that your specific business needs to run so you can focus on what you love… serving people
  • Find the right price to best serve you and your clients
  • Discover which audience you can help the most
  • Clarify your client’s needs to effectively deliver results 

Your passion for people is a driving force behind what you do. Let me show you how to leverage it.  

Join the Foundational Launch of Daire 2 Ignite!  

I believe that the best way to help jumpstart your success is through understanding the struggles you face and how to best solve them. That’s why I am inviting you to join the first-ever launch of my course, Daire 2 Ignite. 

As an interactive, client-driven course, you will get your individual needs met in this 12-week business foundation and springboard course. Based on my knowledge of strengths and how to best leverage your passion for people in your business, I’ve created 12 week of in-depth, soul-searching and purpose-driven content to create a foundation your business can stand on.

The only thing I ask is that you go all-in: commit to your success, ask questions, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to leap ahead. This course is all about you.   

Price: $1,497 ($499 / month x 3 Payments) >>

Pay In Full Price: $1,197 >>

Early Bird Bonus: Sign up by Monday, September 14th and receive a 50-minute private strategy & coaching session to use any time during the coaching program ($400 value).

EXTRA Early Bird Bonus: Any amazing Igniters who sign up by Tuesday, September 8th will receive my Intro To Your Awesomeness Strengths package, which includes a 30-minute personalized video fro me (a $200 value) all about your Top 5 StrengthsFinder results – those things that make you frickin’ awesome – and how you can apply your Strengths to your business. Don’t miss out!

We will be closing our doors and turning our focus to serving our new class at midnight on Monday, September 21st.

Don’t miss your change to get in!

How It Will All Go Down:

The live coaching modules will occur each Tuesday, September 22nd through December 15th (excluding November 24th). We will have 2 cohorts, over the lunch hour (noon – 1:30 pm CT) OR over the dinner hour (5 pm – 6:30 pm CT) depending on what works for you.

Can’t make it every Tuesday? While you’ll maximize your benefit by making it to every class, we understand that life happens. Don’t worry! You’ll have complete access to the video replay so you don’t miss any of the action.  

You’ll put what you’ve learned into action through challenges, group discussions, community support, and more! 

And, finally, our weekly Q&A sessions will occur via Facebook Live in our own private Facebook group.  These will also be recorded.

All About the Lessons: What You Can Expect to Learn…

The Daire 2 Ignite course will walk you through the Frickin’ Awesome Process, creating a process you can continue to use at every level of success your business reaches, twelve action-packed lessons, and a community of support, brilliant brains, and vast experience to draw on. Here’s a look into what you can expect from each lesson.

LESSON ONE: Your Personal Owner’s Manual

Understanding Your Wiring 

Before we begin our class, you’re encouraged to take the StrengthsFinder 2.0 profile. If you take advantage of the Extra Early Bird Bonus, the Daire Success team will create personalized reports and create a personalized video for you! Whether you choose to take the profile or not, you’ll learn how your innate wiring affects how you are best-served to conduct your business. This module removes blocks and confusion that you may have felt your entire life. It’s a mind-blowing, transformational, exciting way to start our time together. We’ll also work through our proprietary BELIEVE acronym to find what sets you apart.

LESSON TWO: Identifying Your Core Values

Understand Your Personal AND Business Values

Your core values are your guiding compass. They will be the foundation of the Why in your business, and will guide you as you hire (and fire) employees as your business grows.

But articulating your Core Values is often skipped. You’ll leave this class with clear, actionable personals and business core values. 


Time Management Mastery 

It’s tough finding the time to work on your business. But it’s essential for your success. In this module, we’ll work on creating a schedule and discuss how structure can—and will—set you free. 


Identify Your Ideal Client   

You must be crystal clear on who you’re selling to when it comes to successfully marketing your services. In this module, I’ll help you identify your ideal client by creating their avatar (persona). After completing this module, you’ll start seeing your perfect client around every corner.

LESSON FIVE: Client Processes

Create Clear Client Flow Processes   

During this lesson, we’ll lay the foundation for efficiency, clarity, and streamlined client processes. From lead gen, to sales process, to onboarding, client service, and client graduation, creating a great client experience is good for everyone.

LESSON SIX: Administrative Processes

Create You-Centered Processes   

During this lesson, we’ll lay the foundation for efficiency and delegation in your business. You’ll learn how to create business processes that align with your strengths, from start to finish. One of this course’s goals is for you to be able to hire your first assistant, but you have to have your processes in place first. 


LESSON SEVEN: Review and Catch Up

Level Set

We’re moving at lightning speed and in this active work class, you’ll get to use this time to get unstuck on areas we’ve covered that still need some tweaking.



Determine Your Rates      

Through this module, you’ll find the right price that serves both you and your client. We’ll break down barriers of profit, helping you charge what you’re worth, all while remaining focused on your client’s best interests.


Design Your Packages  

It’s true that clients pay for your results, not your time. This module will help you break down the wall of hourly rates, teaching you how to package your services the right way.


Master the Close    

Yes, you need to make money. But, you don’t have to feel slimy making it. In this module, I’ll teach you how to effectively close on a lead by digging into your client’s pain points and delivering a solution. You’ll learn how to infuse urgency and to close a sale, without any of that “used car salesman” slime.

LESSON ELEVEN: Bookkeeping & Budgeting

Invoicing, Expense Management, and Other Vital (Boring) Stuff 

We know this isn’t the sexiest part of your business, but it’s also one of the biggest areas of stress for a small business owner. In this class, we’ll work through how to make bookkeeping fun, help you create a bookkeeping system that works for you, and know when to hire a bookkeeper and/or accountant.

LESSON TWELVE: Celebrate and Create a Plan for Moving Forward

You’re Almost There! 

A firm foundation gives you confidence to run your business instead of vice versa. No final exam here… this final module teaches how to move forward on your own. We’ll talk about who you need in your court, how and when to work on your business moving forward, and celebrate wins from the previous quarter.

It. Is. Time. To Turn Your Purpose and Passion into Profit.  

If you’re ready to take your passion for people…to start living your purpose…all while making a profit, it’s time to act. Let’s work together to jumpstart your success by discovering what makes you awesome. Daire 2 ignite! Sign up today!  

Price: $1,497 ($499 / month x 3 Payments) >>

Pay In Full Price: $1,197 >>

We will be closing our doors and turning our focus to serving our new class at midnight on Monday, September 21st. 

How About Some BONUSES?! There’s More Where That Came From!

As a bonus, you’ll receive access to our private Daire 2 Ignite Facebook Group where you will find camaraderie and inspiration throughout the course and beyond from business owners just like you.

Act Fast for Some Personal Coaching by Yours Truly

Early Bird Bonus: Sign up by Monday, September 14th and receive a 50-minute private strategy & coaching session to use any time during the coaching program ($400 value).

EXTRA Early Bird Bonus: Any amazing Igniters who sign-up by Tuesday, September 8th will receive my Intro to Your Awesomeness coaching package, which includes a 30-minute personalized video from me, a value of $200, all about your Top 5 StrengthsFinder results—those things that make you frickin’ awesome—and how you can apply your Strengths to your business. Don’t miss out! 

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