Rich Anderson, visionary entrepreneur and CEO of Imagine IT, joins the show to share poignant insights and learnings he’s acquired throughout his career. With a background in accounting, mergers and acquisitions, and social development, Rich is a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge. In this episode, Alissa and Rich discuss the abundance mindset, the attitude of gratitude and universal laws like the Law of Attraction.

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What We Covered:

  • [01:58] – Rich’s unconventional entrepreneurial journey
  • [10:58] – The power of culture
  • [17:09] – The Law of Attraction and other universal laws
  • [20:21] – Taking on all organizational responsibilities and an event that nearly destroyed Rich’s business
  • [26:13] – How a single client led to a unique and prosperous partnership opportunity
  • [37:09] – Rich recalls a critical lesson he learned in leadership
  • [39:14] – The number one tip Rich would give to aspiring entrepreneurs


“I remember as, a kid, having Dad come ask if he could borrow some of our allowance to go buy groceries. So, entrepreneurialism has it’s knocks, and my story is no different. Some of my first ventures of entrepreneurialism did not go well.” [04:26] (Rich)

“I tell people I got my MBA, I just paid for it with elbow grease.” [16:51] (Rich)

“The universe provides.” ([28:33]) (Rich)

“One of my coaches pulls me aside as we were working through a hard thing a couple years
back. And we’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be so great when we get through this.’ He goes,
‘You know what the reward is for solving all these problems, right?’ We said, ‘Yeah, we’re done
with them.’ And he’s like, ‘No, you have a whole new set of problems to solve.’” [37:30] (Rich)

“If we’re expanding happiness in the world, which you know is our ‘why,’ then I’m happy to let
everyone else take credit for it because that means it’s working.” [38:55] (Rich)


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