Starting a company three months before the collapse of the housing bubble – how would you react? Do you think you could do it? Well, our remarkable guest today did not only think she could, she actually did, and it was the best decision she could’ve ever made. Cindy Koebele and her intense focus on creating positive customer experience secured her company, TitleSmart, a spot in Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for the past five years. Come and join me as I let Cindy out her secret weapon on how she attained such a remarkable feat.


Key Takeaways 

  • Everyone’s a customer
  • Curiosity and judgement cannot live in the same space at the same time.
  • Perfectionism can be the biggest barrier to success
  • A great leader never stops growing

Listen in now!


  • Show Highlights

    • [02:50] Where did this all start for Cindy?
    • [05:21] Leveraging relationships to get businesses going
    • [07:55] Why Cindy always approaches things with curiosity.
      “It’s not always who that person knows but who they know.”
    • [09:38] Relationship cultivation and how it’s fed into Cindy’s entire company culture-wise.
    • [11:05] Alissa’s view of delegation and playing to your strengths
      “Turn overs are not a bad thing because you want people who are consistently engaged.”
    • [12:40] The processes in place at TitleSmart
    • [15:15] Cindy shares the failures in her business
      “…that was a good lesson for me to not take my focus away.”
    • [16:43] How Cindy kept her finger on the different sites’ pulse
    • [17:13] Alissa shares her personal clarity story
    • [19:19] What changes has Cindy made for better self-care
      “Self-care can be a very powerful part of company culture.”
    • [20:45] How Cindy fills her communal cup
    • [22:43] What is the future of TitleSmart?
    • [24:11] The best piece of advice for anyone just starting
      “Stop working and making sure everything’s perfect.”
    • [27:20] Other books by Cindy and a new one to look out for.