Shane Johnson, founder of Chromebook Parts, joins the show to discuss patience, work ethic, and the genesis of his entrepreneurial journey. Shane is a passionate CEO who had the foresight to capitalize on an opportunity in the marketplace which has paid dividends ever since. In this episode, Alissa and Shane talk about the difference between confidence and arrogance, the importance of vulnerability, and coming to peace with fear of failure.


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What We Covered:

  • [02:36] – Shane’s business background and the genesis of Chromebook Parts
  • [11:16] – The incredible growth and success of Shane’s business
  • [14:11] – How Shane’s confident humility impacts his personal and business relationships
  • [20:48] – Maintaining a pulse on company culture and handling confrontation
  • [26:52] – The future of Chromebook Parts
  • [30:16] – Entrepreneurial advice Shane would give to his younger self
  • [36:50] – Where listeners can follow Shane and Chromebook Parts


“I would say that that confidence was what gave me the ability to kind of ignore those voices –
or just not listen to them – and go right to it anyway.” [10:53] (Shane)

“I think my industry experience came into play. And then my vision, always being a problem-
solver, an innovator, listening to people’s pain points or issues. And then just having a passion for solving them and fixing them.” [13:37] (Shane)

“Really addressing my strengths and my weaknesses and then sharing that with my staff is
helping. It’s a new thing right now so it’s not complete – it’s a work in progress. But, I would say that by doing that, it’s been helpful in my relationships with my employees here.”
[18:07] (Shane)

“As they say, ‘Revenue or sales can solve a lot of problems.’ But, as you get into the first couple of years, you get to that point where you’re generating revenue, you’re making a profit, you have employees. Right then you need to start focusing on process, procedures and putting things in place so you can scale.” [35:44] (Shane)


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