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Dealing with Adult Tantrums

Ever been frustrated with adults that lash out and attack? You've been on the receiving end, right? It's literally the adult version of a temper tantrum. Read on for this week's Truth & Daire! You can only control your own behavior.    When a 4 year old...

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Winter Wonderland

It's officially a winter wonderland! (With all the icy roads that come with it!) This week, our topic is something near and dear to me.... and will be interactive! Can't wait to hear some of YOUR tricks and tactics you use! Enjoy this week's Truth & Daire!  ...

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Thanksgiving Edition

Wishing you an amazing and delightful Thanksgiving! Enjoy EVERY moment with the ones you love. Enjoy this week's Truth & Daire!   Be intentionally and gratefully present. Every day.   Joel and I watched a movie last week called About...

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Truth & Daire – 11/17/15

Here in Minnesota, it's amazingly and unseasonably warm.  I hope wherever you are, the weather is treating you right! Embrace every moment of good weather and remember the bad weather will pass in a short time. Enjoy this week's Truth & Daire!   When in...

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Truth & Daire – 11/10/15

Happy Tuesday! Looking forward to hearing if you’ve been in this boat a time or two and what YOU’VE done to dig out!   Tip: Embrace your feelings, but don’t let negative feelings drive.   When our strengths (the things we’re naturally good at) get triggered,...

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