The Journey Starts with Why

My name is Alissa and I learned how to have it all. You can, too.

The Journey Started Within

To the outside world, everyone thought I had it all. However, for most of my life, I always wondered what was wrong with me and why I never felt like a success. 

The reality is that I was following someone else’s journey of what success should be, and I was therefore constantly trying to fix myself to fit into that mold. 

When I discovered that I was actually who I was intended to be, I started out on a path to deeply understand who that person was and how I could maximize her to be the best, the most successful, and happiest me.

That decision changed everything.

In the last 10+ years, I’ve done a lot of personal work, hired coaches, read a million books, attended a thousand conferences, and have pursued an ad-hoc method to step into my greatness. Some things worked, some didn’t. At the heart of it, I learned that when I truly understood my strengths, I could soar from those, and the future was limitless. 

I’ve done the work so that I can help you shortcut yours. 

My Mission

I provide Minnesota-based companies and solopreneurs with coaching that creates exciting personal challenge; delivers clarity, direction and strategy; and ultimately helps them create a personal owner’s manual on how to have it all, both professionally and personally.

Core Values

  • Seek the collective wisdom: collaborate to expand the pie for our clients, our team, and the communities we serve. It’s about winning & winning.
  • Build on strengths: amplify them in all situations and with all people.
  • Set and respect boundaries: for yourself and others.
  • Openly communicate: with transparency, clarity, and courageous vulnerability.
  • Track for success: measure and celebrate progress in all we do.
  • Equity: we believe in diversity & inclusion not because it’s the right thing to do, because it’s the best thing for our businesses and our communities.

Top Strengths

  • Futuristic
  • Woo
  • Positivity
  • Activator
  • Strategic

My Loves

Here are a few fun facts about what drives me when I’m not teaching you to have it all: 

  • Family: My husband and daughters are the joy of my life. Marriage is great, wonderful work, and every day we seek ways to lift each other up and serve each other. As a parent, I love watching my daughters succeed in what they enjoy. Intentionally building deep relationships with them and being a part of their journey as they become strong, self-assured, independent women is a joy like none other. 
  • Bodybuilding: I’ve always had a healthy love of exercise and was a gymnast growing up. I took up bodybuilding in my 30’s because I love seeing what my body can accomplish and bodybuilding is one way I could push it to its limits. What excites me the most is that the culture of bodybuilding has provided a space to express strength in body and mind. 
  • Reading: I am obsessed with reading great books that inspire, encourage, and ignite me to better myself and my surroundings. On average, I read one book per week. The pursuit of personal growth is at the heart of who I am, and so if you’re ever looking for a great book on a specific topic, I will always have a recommendation for you.  

Take That Next Step.

Don’t waste another day questioning whether you are on the right path. Take action to identify your goals and achieve the success you so dearly deserve, your way. You’re wired for success. You are frickin’ awesome. It’s time you live it out in your business and your life.