In this live coaching session, we get real with Brandy Lawson, a business owner who struggles with delegation and building trust with team members. If you also struggle with asking for help, listen in for insights and strategies you can start using today!

About Brandy Lawson

Brandy is the Chief Online Officer for FieryFX, a company focused on helping clients reach their business goals through strategic digital marketing efforts. She concerns herself with her client’s digital efforts, as well as what is going on within the business to sustain or support that business in the long term. Brandy leads a small team of curated experts who all work under contractor status.

Brandy’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths

  1. Analytical
  2. Responsibility
  3. Arranger
  4. Intellection
  5. Consistency

Listen in now!

Key Takeaways

  • You should be able to answer the following four questions about each of your digital marketing efforts: (1) what is its job, (2) how are you measuring it, (3) how are you investing in it, and (4) is it insured?
  • For people with high Responsibility, trust is earned. This makes delegation incredibly difficult, as individuals with high Responsibility must first delegate before having the trust.
  • A smart way to build trust with a new assistant or contractor is to put them through a trial run.
  • Partner your Strengths with the Strengths of those around you to make stronger relationships and set better expectations.
  • Embrace your Strengths and use them to frame conversations with your new contractors during the onboarding process.

Time-Stamped Show Highlights

  • [1:45] – Hear Brandy own her Zone of Genius!
  • [5:35] – Brandy’s defined audience niche
  • [7:37] – The 4 questions Brandy asks about each digital marketing effort her clients pursue

If you cannot answer these questions, your efforts are just expenses. I’m into building online assets; it cannot be an asset unless it meets these four criteria.

  • [10:00] – A discussion of Brandy’s top StrengthsFinder Strengths
  • [12:17] – Brandy’s biggest challenge

I am terrible at asking for help! … I have the hardest time asking for help, and this has not surprisingly shown up in delegation for my business. I recognize this is a problem, and I beat my head against that problem.

  • [13:33] – Responsibility as a characteristic v. Responsibility as a Strength

The Theme of Responsibility is about psychological ownership. For people with high Responsibility, trust is earned not given.

  • [15:35] – Brandy’s means of building trust when delegating to a new contractor
  • [17:44] – The two things you need to do to build trust with others

First, ask yourself, “What do I need to be able to trust this person?” Second, make sure you are communicating what you need even during your test run.

  • [22:28] – Brandy’s recognition of how her Responsibility has shaped her life and her business
  • [26:25] – How Brandy can use her Strengths to frame what she brings to her clients
  • [30:16] – Podcast recommendation of the week!

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