Our guest today is the top notch Executive Assistant, Jessica V. Lindgren, Main Gal of Gal Friday 612 (http://www.galfriday612.com). Her values align with mine, yet she had different Strengths, skills, and perspectives.

She is extraordinary. She is amazing… As if I have anyone on the show that not, but really, she’s near and dear to my heart for many reasons. Jess is the Main Gal over at Gal Friday, which is an executive assistant service for busy entrepreneurs and executives.

She delights in the details, whether she’s planning your quarterly board meeting, choosing the perfect gift for everyone on your list, or putting the finishing touches on another batch of her famous homemade marshmallows. She and husband Bob enjoy living in Northeast Minneapolis, and when they’re not relaxing at home with their three cats, you’ll find them exploring museums or indulging in theatre performances wherever they find themselves around the world. A lover of putting pen to paper, Jessica gleefully reads and replies to every handwritten letter she receives.

Jessica’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder themes are: 

1. Strategic

2. Input

3. Relator

4. Learner

5. Developer

Delegating is something we talk about a lot, but let’s get real, it can be really scary! Jess gives amazing tips on how to hire and begin to delegate to an assistant.