Last week we talked about prioritization. Funny thing, we will often put our own health last on the list of Important Things to focus on. What happens, though, when you sacrifice your sleep to gain more time?


Don’t you hate it when we talk about something that’s soooooooo much easier said than done? Me too. Look, we know sleep is important. We know we function more optimally when we’re well-rested. And yet, when we are under the wire, exercise typically is the first to go, followed by a healthy diet, and sleep. The three things that would make the MOST difference in our performance are the first three things we sacrifice. And while it’s really easy to say, “get a full night’s sleep”, the reality is that we often don’t apply this in the moment.


This has certainly been my story in the last several weeks. And I don’t like it. I really get frustrated when I KNOW something and have difficulty implementing. Are you with me?


For doubters that think it’s possible to excel with while depleting sleep, check out this article from WebMD. There are a zillion other articles like it. Search for yourself, if you’d like 🙂


Shawn Stevenson, Nutritionist, Sleep Expert, and podcaster has written a great book, called Sleep Smarter. Click Here for his 21 tips for improving sleeping.


So here’s your Daire this week: Join me on the quest for optimal productivity starting with GREAT sleep!



2) Sundays will be Sensational Sleep Sundays. Each Sunday we’ll discuss a different tip for improving sleep, the struggle or challenges to implementing, AND we’ll have accountability as well as communal support.


“Sometimes the most productive thing one can do is to sleep”.                             

~Someone very wise

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Thursday: The Strength Theme of Analytical with Coach  Carsten Seiffert all the way from Germany!

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