118: The Pause, Resources, and What’s Next

Saying “Goodbye for now” is bittersweet, but the time has come to put Maximize Your Strengths on a probably-permanent pause.

I want Maximize Your Strengths to be a permanent resource for you and the people you share StrengthsFinder with.

You can listen to each of the Individual Strength Themes episodes at daire2succeed.com/strengths OR use the search bar on the website: StrengthsPodcast.com

My team and I are launching a brand new podcast, the Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur in mid-January, 2018.

In this episode, I share all the reasons for the shift, what I’ve learned about myself, podcasting, and delegation in the last 18 months.

And I share all about what’s coming with the new podcast, the Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur! FAE will be a one episode per week show, releasing each Monday.

I talk about my amazing team and here is their contact info:

Gregg Clunis- Podcast Launch Strategist and Coach: podsimply.com
Cari Twitchell- Copywriter and Executive Producer: customcontentllc.com
Teresa Heath-Wareing- Social Media and Marketing: thwmarketing.co.uk
Mikky Daub- Executive Assistant: mikkydaub.com
Joel Nelson- editor- he’s all mine, not in the market for more editing work 😉
Tom Aimi- Musician and Composer: jamspotsmp.com
There will be three different types of shows on the Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur:

Live coaching– 3 episodes per month will be devoted to this format. A Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur will come on, and we’ll talk about all the reasons he or she is amazing, followed by sharing the biggest challenge he/she is having right now. We’ll co-create a solution to that challenge right there on air.

Success Stories– 1 episode per month. This format will highlight a Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur who has achieved success most only dream of. We’ll talk about the ups and the downs, what makes him/her so amazing, and who fills in the gaps of what they aren’t.

Real Life– once every 3 months, there is a fifth Monday. On that fifth Monday, I’ll share a challenge I’m having right now and what I’m doing to get through it. I may invite someone on who is going through the challenge with me (one of my team members, my daughters, my husband) or talk it out all on my own. This is my chance to lead by example. I truly believe vulnerability is the key to true authentic connections. We need more of this.

To apply to become a guest on one of the Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur Live Coaching Episodes: daire2succeed.com/FAEentrepreneur

Remember, you are uniquely poised and wired for success. As Donald Clifton said, Your weaknesses will never develop, while your strengths will develop infinitely. 

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