We’ve done it! We’ve hit 100 episodes. There have been some a-mazing episodes, guests with golden nuggets of wisdom all day long, and lots of ‘aha’s about individual greatness.

And behind the scenes, there were tears, frustration, lots of mistakes, laughs, and PLENTY of opportunities for outtakes.

My husband, Joel, the Editor in Chief, co-hosts for a candid conversation about the past, the present, and the future of Maximize Your Strengths.

I’ll share my passion for creating a world that cherishes each individual, where every candle burns brighter. BIG dreams and goals are in our future and it will take every one of us to make them happen!!

We’ll also talk about how Maximize Your Strengths is taking a shift in focus. No, we’re not abandoning StrengthsFinder (How could we ever do that?!), but you’ll want to hear what we are doing.

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P.S. hang on until the very end! #outtakes #hilarious