Are you interested in taking a successful in-person business and transforming it into a powerful online business? Then this is the episode for you! We are joined today by Jeff McMahon, someone who has done just this thing.

Jeff McMahon, virtual personal trainerAbout Jeff McMahon

Jeff McMahon has been a trainer for almost a decade now and has helped over 700 people reach their health and fitness goals. He has a degree in pre-med/pre-pharm. and is dual-certified in exercise science and sports medicine.

Jeff’s keys to success? He loves helping people! And he relies on his Strengths, which allow him to center himself and know what he can do to achieve success.

Jeff’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths

  1. Futuristic
  2. Achiever
  3. Significance
  4. Self-assurance
  5. Focus

Key Takeaways

  • You can borrow from others Strengths! For instance, you can lean into another person’s Self-assurance to feel confident when taking a new step.
  • How you feel physically will cascade into how you perform professionally.
  • Your Strengths show the “how” of getting things done.
  • Follow a plan—make a roadmap! Rely on your Strengths and the things that give you the energy to carry out your plan.
  • Know thyself. Know who you want to serve. Make it all your own!

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Convert Your In-Person Business Into a Powerful Online Biz Using Your Strengths with Jeff McMahon           Convert Your In-Person Business Into a Powerful Online Biz Using Your Strengths with Jeff McMahon          


Time-Stamped Show Highlights

  • [3:21] – A unique note about Jeff’s Strengths
  • [4:54] – Jeff’s first steps into the virtual space
  • [7:37] – How Jeff’s Strengths led him to take those first steps and to keep going

What you focus on, you will get more of. You can focus on all the little things that are not quite right, or you can choose to focus on all the things that are right.

  • [12:52] – Jeff’s next steps to grow his online business
  • [14:26] – Futuristic and Self-assurance at work for Jeff
  • [15:50] – What we can learn from Jeff’s Strengths

Get into action, have the courage to take that first step, and stay the course to focus. Lean into the Strengths you have to continue to build those relationships.

  • [20:31] – Creating and sustaining relationships in the virtual world

This goes to two parts. I love to listen to the little things … and then I reapply that later. I use this information to go above and beyond, to take it to the next level. I view my clients as my friends and am always asking, “How can I help my friend out?”

  • [22:27] – The online tools Jeff uses to advertise his services
  • [24:29] – Building relationships online, starting with that first communication

Think about what it takes to build that trust with each person. Consider the metaphor of dating and relationships. Do not go in and ask for marriage before you even know each other’s name!

  • [27:25] – Parting pieces of wisdom for your first step in building an online business

One membership site offers great information: Then I joined Youpreneur. And, for me, networking is huge and vital.

  • [29:52] – How to get a free 30-minute health assessment with Jeff

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