Welcome to episode 33! We’re diving into the uniqueness of you and your Strengths today with Jonathan Oakes. Jonathan is the host of Trivial Warfare, a podcast that takes the pub quiz out of the pub and brings it home to you.

About Jonathan Oakes

Jonathan Oakes, Trivial Warfare podcast hostJonathan’s Trivial Warfare podcast started in 2015, and was a 2016 Podcast Award nominee in the Games and Hobbies category. His curious outlook on life and people, along with his heart to make people smile and draw people together, are just some of the very cool aspects of Jonathan that I’d like to introduce to you today.

Jonathan’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths

  1. Strategic
  2. Ideation
  3. Input
  4. Relator
  5. Intellection

Key Takeaways

  • There is a pattern that arises with Relator showing up in the sea of Strategic or Executing Strengths, as Relator is the most rational of the Relationship Building Strengths.
  • Relator often comes up in introverts!
  • Individuals with high Intellection revel in clever jokes.
  • A toxic trigger for both Strategic and Ideation is being confined in one place/stuck in a rut.
  • If you use your Strengths right, you will be happy!

Listen in now!

Time-Stamped Show Highlights

  • [3:15] – What surprised Jonathan about his results
  • [4:27] – A summary of Relator

One of the strengths of Relator is authenticity. In any conversation or relationship, I am authentic. I am real, and I go deep really fast.

  • [11:21] – Triggers for Intellection
  • [11:47] – Strategic’s role in Jonathan’s world

Strategic and Ideation are the primary Strengths for me. I have a hard time separating them because they really work together in me. I collect information in any way possible; as I learn something new, immediately I fact-check and balance them and use that to formulate a plan.

  • [14:00] – How Jonathan knows when to act on an idea

In the old days, it took me to get fed up before I was motivated to do anything. In the last five years of my life, however, I’ve been able to say to myself, “Okay, I want to achieve this outcome in the future. If I want to achieve it, I need to work it back: what steps do I need to take?

The desire for the future state had to be strong enough to activate me in the present.

  • [17:42] – The power behind partnering with someone with Executing Strengths
  • [22:33] – Who Jonathan relies on for their complementary Strengths
  • [26:13] – Key takeaways from StrengthsFinder

No matter how you are hard-wired, your top five Strengths are the right top five for you. If you are actualizing what you are good at, regardless of what those things are, you will get things done and be happy about it. 

The faster you embrace the way you are wired, and the more you dive deep into how to maximize those Strengths, the faster you will find your own unique success and joy.

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