Welcome to this “All About Discipline” episode! Discipline is something every business owner needs, yet many of us don’t have Discipline in our top five Strengths. Do not fret. There is hope. Learn all about it by listening in as I speak with Strengths Strategy coach Julie Scheidler.

About Julie Scheidler

Julie Scheidler, certified Strengths Strategy coachJulie is a Certified Strengths Strategy Coach whose focus is on career consulting and management Strengths coaching. She has owned her own coaching and consulting practice, Momentum One, since 2009.

Julie provides Strengths Based career coaching to professionals who are in transition or ready to make a change. She also partners with leaders and teams to unleash the energy of their Strengths so they can collectively make an even greater impact within their organizations.

Julie’s Top 5 StrengthsFinder Strengths

  1. Discipline
  2. Achiever
  3. Responsibility
  4. Relator
  5. Significance

Key Takeaways

  • Strengths are about engaging a community—to find others to be a complement for the Strengths you don’t have.
  • Discipline, Achiever and Responsibility are all Executing themes—when put together, you see someone who is a bit of a workhorse, someone who loves to stick to their routines and get everything done no matter what.
  • Executing Strengths are great “boots on the ground” Strengths, but can often lose sight of the forest for the trees.
  • Don’t try to force and fix the things you are not. Choose something where you can shine! Focus on where you can make a larger impact.

Listen in now!

Time-Stamped Show Highlights

  • [2:46] – Julie’s definition of Discipline

One hallmark is that I bring order and structure to environments that are chaotic. Something else that I can do is take complex things and simplify them. Also, I thrive on routines. I love having a schedule and having things that are predictable. Finally, I like things to be precise and accurate.

  • [9:05] – Potholes and highlights for Executing Strengths
  • [15:07] – Who Julie relies on for their Strengths

My husband and I are just opposites. We function very well. He is the big picture thinker in the relationship, and I am more of the doer.

  • [19:38] – Relator and how it relates to Executing Strengths

There’s no question that I get things done by creating relationships.

  • [24:48] – About shutting certain Strengths down and playing others up
  • [30:29] – How to embrace your Discipline Strength

One of the biggest things is that we do not like change. But change is inevitable. One of the most beautiful gifts of Discipline is that you can bring your sense of order, structure and routine to help others work through that change.

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