No matter your profession, there are many others out there doing “the same thing” as you. But you ARE one of a kind. But how do you show prospective customers or clients that you are the one they should go to?

This episode is all about helping you develop your USP—unique selling proposition—to show how you can serve someone in a way no one else can.

The Importance of the USP

One of our basic human needs is to know that we matter.

You want to believe that there is something special to you that makes you stand out. This need for being unique is one of the six core needs of humans.

In an effort to be seen as unique, many folks may make promises they cannot keep, thinking that those promises will at least make them stand out. But then they fail to deliver on those promises and are considered “frauds.”

You are not a fraud. You ARE unique. But perhaps you are unsure of how to define what it is about you that makes you so unique. If so, this episode is for you.

You have NO competition. You are one of a kind, and not a single person on this planet can offer the same things you do.

Listen in now!

Determining Your USP (with time-stamped show highlights)

  • [3:30] – It’s time for a pen-and-paper exercise!

Put a vertical line going down the middle of the page and a horizontal line cutting through the middle of your vertical line. You now have a page with four quadrants. Label the quadrants as follows:

Top left – Life Experiences; Top right – Skills and Education

Bottom left – Values; Bottom right – Innate Strengths

  • [4:17] – The top, left quadrant: Life Experiences

“Life happens for you, not to you.” – Tony Robbins

  • [6:38] – The top, right quadrant: Skills and Education
  • [9:13] – The bottom, left quadrant: Values
  • [12:23] – The bottom, right quadrant: Innate Strengths

The first five words to put here are your top 5 StrengthsFinder’s Strengths.

  • [14:11] – What to do with your filled-out quadrant form

You will not be able to put all of this information into your 30-second elevator speech. But these are the things that make you uniquely you. Take the information and whittle it down to what you want your introduction to sound like.

You are not the right person for every single client out there. And that’s okay! You don’t have to be the right person for everyone out there. There are ample clients to go around!

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